How to choose a turbo?

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Re: How to choose a turbo?

Post by Trent » Sun Jul 26, 2009 10:02 am

mate check out
and read the turbo tech
fyi a/r is area/radius
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Re: How to choose a turbo?

Post by alpina » Sat Aug 01, 2009 3:07 pm

justin_l_ wrote:I want to go fast, what I can afford is a completely differetn thing :(
Fast ,,, ok how fast and how quick ??

as a owner of a really really highspeed 4d car,,that was launched 20 years ago,, and have a real speed of 182-183 mph ((200 mph on the clock )) i can give you small info

2 x T25 Garret ,,,, very smooth build up in power ,, 1750 kg in weight
13.5 sec -> 1/4 mile

18+ sec 0-200 km 0-125 mile

stunning accleration all the way to topspeed,, goes to 250 in 4th gear and to 320 on the odo in 5th,,,,,, amazing automobile ,, and kept the title for fastest 4d car in the world for some years 1990 - 9x (( extremely proud of, to own such a masterpiece ))

E30 with M50 turbo can be insane quick.. the body has a cw like brick,, worse than E34 E30 has poor traction ,, B10 BT have SLS .... and for a reason ,, to keep the car in ideal position at VERY high speed,,

high speed E30 needs 3.25 3.15 or 2.93 for 300 km speed and the car must be in a MEGA condition ((suspension + tires)) and very firm to handle very high speed

dont go with a HUGE turbo ,, and getting 250 hp at a 1500 rpm range,,, go with a nice setup and be satisfied with a solid and reliable setup incl. a nice power level

Regards and good luck
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Re: How to choose a turbo?

Post by Dot Communist » Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:09 pm

shit I have one of those saab turbos laying around that I got for 30 dollars, needs a new compressor wheel and probably some bearings, but if you want somthing to play with its yours for 25 :D on another note, I will soon be the proud owner of a .60a/r 60 trim T3 from a guy who is parting out an 87 300zx for funds to complete a delicious e21 SR20DET(T?) swap project :twisted:
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