Engine and turbo build brainstorming

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Re: Engine and turbo build brainstorming

Post by Dot Communist » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:06 pm

BMW BUM wrote:reading pwns you donk... don't recall any talk of 450hp, I was talking 280-350 range, anyways, small update, I pulled the trigger on boosting my e30, initial setup will be shitty turbo ecu piggy back setup for a max 15psi (although I'm not expecting to push over 12psi on initial setup with only 24# injectors), everyone please keep your eyes peeled for a nice hx35 for me since that and the intercooler will be the only things I have left to shop around for, everything else is already decided.

Don't expect to see dyno plots or videos anytime soon, I am acquiring all of the parts, test fitting on motor, machining block/head and putting it all back together, with sweet o-ring goodness and welded coolant passages, and a fresh oem head gasket and some ARP head studs and rod bolts.

just let me know if you spot any good used hx35's, or manifolds I might want.
I found this on the Chicago CL, Could be fun to finagle onto an e30 :twisted:
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